Victorian books, their articles and artwork….what to do?

I seem to have somehow accumilated rather a humongous stack of Victorian, mainly religious, weighty tomes, purchased primarily for the artwork they contain. However, reading through them revealed a vast amount of interesting articles on people, places and social history, which I’m still pondering what to do with.

These are articles that I feel sure someone, somewhere, could make use of, find an interest in, help with understanding how their ancestors worked, lived and played, or even thought!

They contain such varied pieces as childhood poverty, describing conditions in the various slum areas, the ‘modern’ railway works and factories, the old stage coach routes with their hostelries and buildings….this is all fascinating (well, to me anyway) stuff, but how do I get it out there?

There are such in depth articles on certain people (mainly those who worked for charities or ran homes for orphans and other such selfless acts the Victorians were renown for) which if they were in my family tree I’d give my right arm for.

I just hate to think of all these articles and drawings disappearing to dust…

Some of the artwork is stunning, a lot of swooning or unhappy  women, or sick people laying on their deathbeds surrounded by weeping relatives, dapper men twizzling moustaches, cutsie know the sort of stuff.


I have yet to figure out how to watermark them…having been contacted by more than a few people muttering dire warnings about my online photos, old postcards and pictures being stolen and used for profit by annonymous persons? Not sure how that one works…but hey, what do I know? I’m a mere novice at this sort of thing, I’m just not much cop at technology!!!.


If anyone passing by this blog (i’ve yet to fathom this out too…how on earth do you get people to “pass by”Image

your blog in the first place?) has any ideas I’d love to hear them.

Answers on a postcard please (watermarked first !)


Made a tentative start!

Writing a book, blog, short stories or your own family history, then why not make them jump off the page, bring them to life with historical graphics.
I have a huge collection that cover illustrations from numerous Victorian articles about travel, prisons, children’s homes, poverty, philanthropy…
Check out my Etsy site for Victorian illustrations, many more, including local ones being added all the time from my own personal collection.


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