I have a amassed a vast collection of Victorian books packed to the gunnels with beautiful and often fascinating illustrations. Their detailing can be exquisite, and think it’s such a shame that these beautiful images are being lost to time, consequently I’m trying to scan and save as many as I can.

Over the last few years I have been contacted by people galore asking where I got my illustrations from and did I have any of grief stricken women/happy children/beach donkeys/steam trains/Weymouth/Portland and any manner of subjects.


I have now decided that I’ll start putting them into my portfolio on IStock/Getty, that way they are easily searchable for interested parties rather than me randomly leafing my way through my library looking for specific things.


But should there be something specific you’re looking for, send me a message and I’ll try my best to find it.

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  1. Leonard J Collins says:

    Hello Sue, sorry to use this page to contact you, but I have lost your e mail address.
    Do you have any information on an “Echo” article from some years back about a “Wingnut Tree” that was planted as a seed during WW2 by an American serviceman in a Weymouth garden. When it became too big for the garden it was relocated in Radipole gardens. Len Collins Queens Road.


    1. cannasue says:

      Hello Leonard, no i’ve not heard about that, but as i’m on the Friends of Radipole park and gardens committee I can certainly find out for you, we’ve recently had a survey done of existing trees, so it should be on there hopefully, if it still exists. even if not that’s a wonderful story that can go down in our living history archives, especially with its links to the army and Radipole gardens.


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