Park Street, Weymouth; 1901

I shall take you for a nostalgic stroll down what was once a very well-heeled and extremely  busy street, bustling with numerous shops, businesses and public houses. The main fairway for most of the thousands of Victorian train travellers into and out of the town.

Lennox Street; 1915

Lennox Street; 1915 Taken from the Weymouth website that covers the Park district.

1834; Weymouth’s Grand Park.

Isn’t it odd, you grow up somewhere, and the place names of streets, areas, and houses just trip off the tongue. You’ve always called them that, never known them as anything different. But have you ever stopped and wondered why they were so named in the first place? I was born in Weymouth more than…

1867; Devastating explosion at Weymouth saw mills.

One Tuesday morning in March of 1867, the men made their way to work at the business premises of 37-year-old William Sketchley. He ran a successful steam saw mill business in the Park district of Weymouth. William was not a native of the town, he had moved his family and business here from the London…